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Our trip to Spring 2014 Market.

Well, we're back from this year's High Point Market and we had an absolute blast!

Our favorite showrooms were:  Hickory Chair, Gabby Home, Ann Gish, Global Views, Marge Carson, and Lazarro.

What I learned most:  if you want the ideal look for your home at a great price, invest in a designer.  The fees you pay to a designer pale in comparison to the retail markup that you'll pay at a brick-and-mortar store.

A word about fees...

A commission fee is the best avenue for both the client and designer.  The commission is charged over the wholesale cost of goods and services.  Yes, the more you buy the more you pay to the designer.  However, you'll still be paying far less than retail.  Also, a plan can be developed and executed on your time schedule since the designer is paid as you go.  This is how the designer makes both you and them happy.

A flat fee is known completely up front.  However, the project will need to be done in a finite time frame.  Otherwise, the designer's profit and conversely time they can devote to your project decreases the longer the project takes to complete.  This could lead to the designer terminating the contract if the client exceeds the specified time parameter.

An hourly fee (~$120/hour) is the final method.  This is the most complicated for the designer because it causes them to keep track of every "billable hour" that they spend on your project.  Also, it results in exponentially escalating costs for the client since every time you meet you'll be paying more and more fees without anything to show for it.  Eventually, the client or the designer will lose interest in each other or run out of money/time resulting in a sour taste for client, thus, the industry in general.

We look forward to the October show.  Feel free to email me any questions.